I am a Master Gardener and received a sample of your SRC Plus at our recent
Toronto MG Tech Update at the TBG. I was intrigued with the product and
applied it (scratched it in to the soil surface) to some houseplants that
looked like they were in need of some new soil or a shot of fertilizer.
Within a day they looked remarkable!

I have a hobby farm in the Owen Sound area with a very large vegetable
garden and many other plant beds. The soil is silt/clay/loam and often
requires amendment for best results. Last year I added some compost and saw
some benefit but, given what I witnessed with my houseplants and what I have
read on your website, I am anxious to try the SRC Plus on a much larger
scale. I know that you suggest that you will be looking for larger retail
distribution this year, but come May I will be itching to find a 20 kg bag.
I am hoping that you will be able to tell me where I will be able to
purchase it. Your website mentions several upcoming events, where you will
have a presence, Seedy Saturday and Canada Blooms. Will you be selling in
quantity at either of those as I will be attending both? Please advise at
your earliest convenience.

May I also mention that your website does a great job of telling your story.
I am a corporate communications and event consultant, who also happens to
have horticultural certification and a great love of gardening, and I
rarely see my two passions executed together to such success. I read the
blog with great interest and will be quickly ordering a copy of Malabar
Farm. You are to be commended!

Again thanks for introducing your product to our MG group. I have already
started chatting it up to all that will listen, and  I look forward to an
abundance of healthy vegetables this growing season.

Anne Avery



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